Vegan Food in San Francisco


waffleFor Halloween, our group of 5 decided to get a room in San Francisco so we could party all night and crash the Castro like we did last year. So naturally we didn’t sleep much and woke up starving! My friend and I decided to take one for the team and go out in search of breakfast. Initially it started with a sweet tooth and transitioned into breakfast burritos. Unfortunately, our search results didn’t bring up many restaurants in SF that serve vegan breakfast let alone doughnuts or breakfast burritos and even the lunch-style vegan cuisine wasn’t open until 11. A few restaurant descriptions made our mouths water but they were in Oakland!  Needless to say, we found Nourish Cafe and crossed the bridge toward our first vegan food stop of the day. It was pouring and despite our hunger, we had to wait in the car for them to open at 9 but we ended up taking a much needed nap and were happy to wake up refreshed.

Breakfast: Nourish Cafe

  1. Quinoa, coconut, almond, gluten-free vegan waffle topped with bananas and real maple syrup. Delicious!
  2. “Lox” toast (not pictured because I was too hungry and forgot to take a photo) Honestly, it was good but didn’t taste anything like lox, it was just a piece of bread with nice hearty tomatoes and a few sliced onions.
  3. Pumpkin doughnut (pictured above). On a scale of squash-10 this doughnut was squash. I actually have had delicious vegan pastries but this doughnut tasted more like a vegetable than dessert for breakfast. Nonetheless, it made for an interesting photo and now I can cross this one off the list.

Location: 189 6th Avenue, San Francisco | (415) 571-8780
Hours: M-Th 7am-7pm, F 7am-3pm, S & S 9am-3pm

Lunch: Brenda’s French Soul Food (For Vegan Sloppy Joe!)

I am not suggesting that you go out of the way to eat at this almost not vegan restaurant. But, as I was traveling with a group of non-vegan friends, it was great to satisfy my friend’s palettes and my own with Brenda’s vegan Josephine.

  1. Vegan Josephine: “Best tofu you’ll ever wrap your mouth around—on a toasted bun.” It really was delicious!

VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: As I was ordering the vegan Josephine the waiter asked if I wanted french fries or salad and when I said fries he told me that If I was extremely vegan I might want to know that the fries are cooked with the chicken or include chicken in the batter. I thanked him sincerely for his honesty and politely responded that I didn’t have to be extremely vegan to not want chicken in my french fries and most likely no vegan is going to want that. The salad was delicious and a great alternative.

Location: 652 Polk St @ Eddy, San Francisco | (415) 345-8100
Hours: M–T 8am–3pm, W-S 8am–10pm, Sun 8am–8pm


Dinner: GoodFella’s Pizzeria and Grill

  1. Grilled Veggie Sandwich: spinach, mushroom, red onions, green bell peppers, fresh garlic, eggplant, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, truffle oil.

Good vegan food at a pizzeria?! Besides the fact that this joint was literally around the corner from our airbnb, their sandwich was genuinely good and they even made me laugh when they promised there was no hidden cheese or chicken in the french fries. I confirmed there was no dairy in the bread and added hot sauce to everything, as I often do.

Location: 377 Bay St, San Francisco
Hours: M-Th, Sun 11am-10:30pm, F-S 11am-2:00am


Dessert: Mission Pieimg_2739

Looking for a free urban art tour and a scrumptious piece of pie? Head on over to the mission district and order a slice of their ever-changing vegan pie of the day.

We shared a sunset, pie and a hot tea and loved it!


Location: 2901 Mission St at 25th, San Francisco | 415.282.4PIE
Hours: Range from 7-9am open and 2-10pm close

What delicious food have you bitten into in the city by the bay? Share with me and other foodies in the comment section below!

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May good health be yours always,

Maria Shayna

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